Biking and Diet – The Ultimate Combination

Share This: Bicycles have been there for a very long time. At first they were just an experiment for a new system of transportation. Admittedly, they looked quite funny when they were introduced. In the beginning, their primary purpose was simply to serve as a means of transportation. People weren’t quite aware of the health… Read More »

Technology and Diet – What is the Connection?

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Which Sound System is the best for your Budget? Find Out

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Apple Unveils Guided Tour For Apple Pay

Share This: Apple has released a video showcasing the convenience of using iPhone Guided Tour. This of course has been released after Apple Pay was made available in Canada and Australia. This video is basically a tutorial that shows how to use this feature on the Apple iPhone Smartphones. So basically there are many ways… Read More »

You Will Have To Buy Apple Wireless Charger

Share This: If you want to charge your Apple Watch, you do not have much of an option but to spend on an Apple or Apple approved charger despite the fact that there are many cheaper ones available. The official charger for Apple Watch is quite expensive and now you do not have the choice… Read More »

Apple is Missing Workstation Laptop

Share This: Apple is starting to conquer almost all of the fronts in the technology sphere. It has one of the best laptops in the market, one of the best desktops in the market as well as a the best smartphone. Moreover it has many other products that are the best in their field without… Read More »